Privacy policy

GeoHipster Privacy Policy

That’s right, just like everyone else on the interwebs, we now have a privacy policy. We admit it, we didn’t until GDPR came along. And now we’re implementing one. Late. You might think that a hipster would have crafted a privacy policy “before it was cool”, but we were too busy mapping bars that serve draft PBR to make that happen.

Who We Are

GeoHipster, LLC, is a private business incorporated in the United States, with readers around the world. To be honest, we never gave much thought to your privacy before now, but we had no desire to invade it, either. And since that last part hasn’t changed, we might as well spell it out in black and white for you. Basically, we don’t collect much of your data, and what we do collect we keep to ourselves unless absolutely necessary to conduct our business. It’s hard to mail you stickers without your mailing address. If you’re cool with that, you can probably stop reading here. But if you’re one of those folks who needs all the deets, read on.

Data We Collect


Yes, we use cookies on our site, and you’d probably be surprised otherwise. If you’ve made it this far, you should have been warned about them already. Cookies are small data files placed on device as you surf. They help us ‘remember’ when you’ve been by to see us before, and we need them. But seriously, if you really want to disable them, you can, and we don’t think too much here will break. If something did break, that would be wonderful irony and we’d be quite tickled.

Google Analytics

Another big surprise here: like so many others in the world, we also use Google Analytics to track basic information about visits to our site. We once tried a fully organic, bespoke analytics plugin but it choked on the double spaces in one of our interviews. So we ditched that, and back to Google Analytics it was. But we only use it to collect standard traffic information and visitor behavior patterns. By knowing how many visitors we get, we can make more effective pitches to our sponsors. But we don’t sell this information to advertisers, and we don’t use it in any way that can be used to personally identify anyone. We don’t try (and don’t ask Google to try) to find out the identities of our readers.

Your Contact Information

When you order stickers or other GeoHipster merchandise from us, if you place an order through PayPal, you’ll be providing us with your name, e-mail address, mailing address, and sometimes phone number. Since we fill these orders by hand, we need this information from you (duh). If you get interviewed by us (or conduct an interview for us), we’ll also need to collect information from you to get you a gift. Also duh.

But we never sell this information to advertisers. We might use it for ourselves someday, but you’ll always be able to opt out of such efforts by telling us to go fly a kite.

If you order our branded merchandise from a third party, such as CafePress or Lulu, then you’re subject to their policies. We hope this is obvious, but we also hoped Avenue would be ported to ArcGIS, so we learned a long time ago not to make assumptions.

Third Parties

We’re starting to feel like a broken record here, but since we don’t collect much of your information, we don’t have anything to share with third parties. Even what we do collect, we only share in bulk, anonymized form. Again, we have no desire to invade your privacy and give your info out to randos. That’s just creepy, and it clashes with our fixed gear bikes.

Access to Your Data

If you want to know if we have any of your data, and what that is, you can e-mail our former CEO at At some point after 2022, you’ll be handed off to our new leader, Randal Hale. But ultimately we’ll figure things out for you. If you don’t like what we have, or the fact that we have it, we’ll wipe it for you.

Changes to This Policy

This policy was written on May 26, 2018. It was updated on October 23, 2022 with new leadership information. We suppose we might change our mind about other stuff in the future. We’ll let you know when we do by e-mailing, texting, and direct messaging you all at the exact same time. OK, so that’s a fib – how could we do that when we don’t have that info? So we’ll just update this page. We’ll probably only review it if another GDPR comes around, so we hope you’re cool with it.

And if you haven’t figured out which parts of this policy are stated ironically, please go back and read some of our interviews.