5 thoughts on “Bill Dollins: ““GIS” as a distinct technological entity is disappearing”

  1. Here’s more to that thread from Morten on the topic of projecting/unprojecting:


  2. Would I be able to get permission to use this article on our local GIS website ligis.org? I am a past chairperson of this organization.

    I have been having an ongoing discussion with other GIS professionals here on Long Island about the future of GIS and where we should be steering GIS newcomers and even some seasoned users. This article is awesome and reinforces my position.

    I will obviously give full accreditation and would only post a short synopsis of the article with a link to the full article on this site.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration of this request.


    1. Hi Michael,
      You have our permission to post a synopsis with a link. We’re glad you’ve found the article useful. Thanks for asking!
      Mike Dolbow, GeoHipster CEO


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